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The Chunky Method of Time Management for Writers:  Your Step-by-Step to Write that Book

Presented by Allie Pleiter
Jan 11 - Feb 5, 2016

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About the Class:

Do you find you can’t seem to finish that book you’ve been writing? Do you want to write faster and get published but fear squelching your muse? Let Allie Pleiter teach you the Chunky Method of writing.

Class Outline:
Session 1: What is the Chunky Method?

  • Why productivity matters, published or unpublished
  • What the Chunky method can give you
  • What is a Chunk?

Session 2: Identifying Your Chunk

  • Going through the Process
  • Big Chunk Writers
  • Little Chunk Writers
  • Combo Chunk Writers

Session 3: Using Your Chunk

  • Questions on process so far
  • Setting a project word count target
  • How many chunks do you get per week?
  • The Chunky Writing Plan Formula

Session 4: The Chunky Challenge

  • What if you chunk needs to change?
  • Ways to adapt to meet your goals

Session 5: The List

  • The power of to-do lists
  • Weekly lists
  • Marlin vs. Dory
  • Daily lists

Session 6: Wrap Up

  • Some ideas if you're stuck
  • Q&A time
  • Resources, useful software, etc.
  • Comments and class discussion

About the Instructor: 

An avid knitter and French macaron fan, Allie Pleiter spends her days writing four books at a time, buying yarn, and avoiding housework. A friend’s dare in to begin writing has produced two parenting books, 23 novels, and national speaking engagements on faith, writing, and her favorite: time management.

Allie is the author of THE CHUNKY METHOD OF TIME MANAGEMENT FOR WRITERS: Your Step-By-Step Plan to WRITE THAT BOOK Even When Life Gets in the Way released March 2015.

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